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Title: Best Art martial - The karate kid full movie HD
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Karate Kid or Karaté Kid [1] (in Quebec and New Brunswick) (The Karate Kid) is an American-Chinese film by Harald Zwart, released in 2010.

This film is not a sequel but a remake of Karate Kid (The Karate Kid), released in 1984. It is Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith who takes the role played by Ralph Macchio. Jackie Chan plays his master's role, played by Pat Morita in the first version. The names of the characters have however been changed.

Although this film is a remake of Karate Kid, the character played by Jaden Smith learns kung fu and not karate.
Dre Parker, a young American from Detroit, moves with his mother to Beijing, China. The acclimatization proves difficult, however: just arrived, Dré becomes the scapegoat of Cheng, a very talented student in kung-fu who is in the same city as him and who roughs him every day. One day, Mr. Han, a taciturn employee of the building, intervenes and manages to disable the entire gang.

Dré, who realizes that Mr. Han is an expert in kung fu, asks him to teach him his art so that he can fight on an equal footing with Cheng. Mr. Han refuses and asks Dre to make peace with Cheng.

But Master Li, Cheng's master of Kung-fu, urges his students to show no mercy to his enemy and opposes any reconciliation. He demands that Dre or Mr. Han fight to wash the honor of his school. Mr. Han then proposes that the two children meet at a martial arts tournament organized soon.

Dre therefore begins to follow Mr. Han's teaching, but his training technique is curious. One day, Dre comes home from school and goes to Mr. Han's home. The latter, drunk, hits his Scirocco mass shot. Dré discovers that Mr Han lost his wife and son in a car accident from which he came out alive. Dré decides to intensify his kung fu training with his mentor. Mr. Han manages to mourn and attends the tournament. During a fight, his opponent hurts his knee. Dré is then taken to the infirmary. He begs Mr Han to heal him in order to compete in the final he just won. The peace between Dre and Cheng is evident when Dre hands over the trophy to Dre. Some students of Master Li decide to greet Mr. Han. Dre and Mr Han leave the tournament together, smiling.

Another final scene was filmed, resuming the beginning of karate kid II, where Mr. Han and Master Li lead a tough fight, while the second was about to hit Cheng for defeat. Mr. Han emerged victorious from the fight and the other students bow to him, their master on the ground. In the final version, he is on the other side of the ring and observes the scene completely humiliated ....